8-9th April, 2017

10AM - 5PM

Aotea Centre, Auckland

Free Admission

Chromacon is an indie arts festival that celebrates the coming together of creativity, artistic excellence and community.


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8-9 April, Aotea Centre
Goodman Fielder Room


Masterclasses, Retrospectives, Talks & Panels by local and international industry professionals

Running in parellel to Chromacon in the form of independent sessions, CHROMA Connect is a multidisciplinary creative industry summit focused on professional development and the cross-pollinaton of ideas.


Featuring master-classes, panel discussions, case studies and more presented by a diverse group of international and local industry leaders, CHROMA CONNECT paints a big picture view of the ever-changing interconnected worlds of technology, arts and entertainment.

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Chroma Art Awards 2017

Submissions end Thursday March 30th, 2017!