What time does Chromacon 2017 take place?

10AM – 5PM, 8th and 9th April, 2017

Is there an Entry Fee?

Nope! Chromacon is completely free for public entry!

Tickets for Chroma Connect, our industry focused creative symposium taking place alongside Chromacon will be available separately.

Who should attend this event? Is there an age restriction? Will there be nudity, sexual themes, or violence depicted in the works exhibited?

Everyone’s welcome! However, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver.

We have a strong stance against censorship of artworks at Chromacon, due to this – we can not guarantee a lack of adult subject matters being exhibited.  We highly recommend parents accompany attendees below 17 years of age.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

Are photos allowed at Chromacon?

Of course! However, photos of a specific individual or artwork should be taken with permission from the the subject/ exhibitor.

Common courtesy aside, this is especially important if you are planning on taking photos of artworks, due to copyright reasons it is imperative that you ask for the creator’s permission first.

Is this a cosplay convention?

We recognise that cosplayers are closely linked with comic and pop-culture conventions.  However, Chromacon is first and foremost, an arts festival that focuses on the exhibitors and the showcase of independent work.

You are welcome to dress up for the event, however – please refrain from gathering in large groups or performing with/without props in any way inside the venue due to space limitations and safety concerns.

Will there be food/ drinks available in the venue? Can I bring my own into the event?

No food or drinks are allowed inside the festival venues without express permission from Chromacon staff as per venue policy, if you have bought or purchased such items from elsewhere please enjoy them outside the venue.

Catering options are available at the Box Cafe, Aotea Centre as well as surrounding restaurants.

Who is eligible to apply as an exhibitor?

Creators with a focus on visual, moving image, interactive mediums and showcasing self-produced work. We don’t have any restrictions towards styles/genres, however – this is a festival to celebrate innovation across visual arts, and not a fine arts exhibition, market or pop culture convention.

For more detailed information please see refer to our Exhibitor Info and Terms and Condition.

Why is there a curation process to exhibit at Chromacon?

This is a limitation of venue space as well as our desire to support New Zealand creatives in preparing the best showcase possible at Chromacon.

We aim to provide artists with the best possible exhibition space at the lowest cost. This means currently booths are very limited, we encourage all applicants to submit their best works with their application.

Is there an age restriction to exhibit at Chromacon? Are there any restrictions on nudity, sexual themes or violence depicted in artworks?

Everyone’s welcome! However, parents of applicants under the age of 16 must give their consent upon registration and also accompany the exhibitor on the day of the event.

We have a strong stance against censorship of artworks at Chromacon, however, if you do plan on exhibiting artworks featuring mature themes, please let us know upon registration or at any time prior to the event..

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

Is it possible to exhibit as part of an artist circle/collective?

For fairness sake, we recommend artists apply as individuals.  If you would like to share a full booth with another creative, we recommend applying for half booths independently.  We are very happy to take requests to be next to another exhibitor into consideration.

However, it is possible to exhibit/ apply as a collective as long as the primary work(s) exhibited are collaborative in nature.

Can I still register to exhibit at Chromacon if I live outside of New Zealand?

Thank you for your interest! Please read our Exhibitor Info and Terms and Condition pages to find out more about Chromacon and contact us directly via hello@2017.chromacon.co.nz.

Does Chromacon cover travel and accommodation for exhibitors outside of Auckland?

Unfortunately no, Chromacon operates on a not-for-profit basis, as such exhibitors would have to cover travel and accommodation costs themselves.

We do offer travel and accommodation allowance to support international guest artists , however this is solely at the discretion of the Chromacon committee. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Are exhibitors allowed to have music/ sound playing at their booths?

Generally speaking, unfortunately not. This is due to the nature of booths being close in proximity to each other.

However, we can make exceptions to this rule if sound is integral to any self-produced animation/videogame etc you plan on exhibiting. Do note however, you must inform us if you require this exception upon registration. We reserve the rights to ask artists to lower the volume during the event if it is disrupting the event/ neighbouring booths.

How many chairs are provided per booth?

We provide full booths with 2 chairs and half booths with one chair.

Something came up and i can no longer attend the event! Can i transfer/ resell my exhibition booth?

In the event of this happening, please contact us ASAP.  The right to exhibit at Chromacon is absolutely non-transferable and must not be resold.

There will be no refunds for cancellations 2 months or less prior to the event.

It is acceptable for someone else to manage your booth on your behalf.  He/she will be responsible for any infringements of terms and conditions in the vicinity of the booth space.