5 Questions with Martin Horspool

5 Questions with Martin Horspool

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Tell us a bit about yourself & what motivated you to enter the creative field?

I love being able to turn my ideas and illustrations into real life using vintage metal and broken appliances.

What can people look forward to seeing and experiencing at your booth at Chromacon 2017?

I will have a display of my hand built assemblage robots along side illustrations and technical drawings. I will be doing some paintings and drawings on site and will give away some freebies. I will be explaining the creative process to people and enjoy showing people what vintage parts I have used to make my artworks.

I also have a collection of prints featuring photoshopped robots towering over quirky places from around New Zealand. This series is called “Robot Road Trip” which is also available in a book.


At my robot show in New York 2015

How did you develop your creative voice/ personal style and what inspires you to begin a project/ work?

I have always had my own style of drawing and making sculpture which is inspired by 1950’s industrial design. The acquisition of a new vintage object usually gets my creative ideas racing and I head off to my workshop to transform it into something else.

What future development(s) in your creative field are you most excited about?

I have a some interesting commissioned pieces coming soon like personalised robots and also an exhibition of photography in the Auckland festival of Photography in June called “Street Style” featuring photos of interesting sub cultures from Brooklyn to Harajuku.


Giant robots enjoying the drag races in Meremere

Any shout outs you’d like to give for any fellow Chromacon Exhibitors you love?

I can’t remember the name of the guy who designed Godzilla style beer labels that were available as large screen prints, but they were amazing.

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