Illustration, Comic Art, Concept Art/ Design, Videogames

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John is an award-winning author, illustrator, and Art Director whose career has spanned 25 years. John began his career in comics working with such intellectual properties as Swamp Thing, The Crow, Judge Dredd, Loaded to name a few. He has also worked for such video game studios as THQ, NCSoft, Epic Games, Ubi Soft, and is currently the Art Director for the Diablo franchise for Blizzard Entertainment.

As an independent creative, John is the creator of OINK, a critically acclaimed graphic novel originally published in 1995 which he began in college as a student of Jim Auckland from Takapuna Art Supplies. in 2015, OINK was digitally remastered the book and a new self-published edition was funded via Kickstarter. He was also the co-founder of Skyshine Games, an indie studio that created BEDLAM, a post-apocalyptic rogue-like, turn based strategy game. This project was also funded by another successful Kickstarter campaign.

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